Writing two stories at once: tips on managing them?


hi, im sure you guys have seen me around before, although not on writing because i hate my stories.
however, after nearly two years of being dormant with writing, I’ve started two stories: Albino Alibi, a rather tragic romance story feature marine creel and the rise and fall of her toxic relationship and Just Say Noir, a mystery story about an assassin and how he falls for, and must kill, a detective on the case of his dead partner.
both of these stories are very fun and enjoyable for me to write, however, i do usually struggle with managing multiple things. does anyone that has written multiple stories have any tips on not abandoning one for the other and etc?


Ok, well first of all… have you already published both?

My experience with this is basically, I’m always working on multiple stories but only updating one on the app and the other I keep up my sleeve for when I’m ready (which sorta means once it’s finished and then I can do weekly updates or whatever). In saying that, when it comes to contest entries, I usually put most - if not all - my attention on that and neglect the published story… but my contest entries are always short stories, so then I’m not committed to actively publishing two stories at once.

TL,DR: To avoid abandoning a story and letting down readers, I recommend either publishing one and working on the other without publishing it… or making one a short story so the readers get an ending.


i haven’t published either because im working on episode to approve my backgrounds and overlays. thank you for the advice!


Then that’s even better lol! You don’t have to worry too much until it’s published… then along comes the pressure hahaha