~ Writing with my hamster ~



Am sitting here writing with my hamster on my lap sleeping in a sock :joy: Anyone else have an animal writing buddy? :smirk_cat:


Not yet​:wink:but I would love to get a :dog2: :upside_down_face:
Oh…and happy birthday , don’t know you , but the cake on your name is looks tasty :yum:


Mee! i sometime have my chihuahua sit with me but… She loves to lick my hands :no_mouth:


my dog Finn, but rn he left me to go to the other couch in my living room


My cute cat named Lukas. He always lays beside when I’m writing, on my phone, sleeping etc

He is my protector


Haha having a doggo as a writing buddy would be amazing​:joy:. Awww thank you :heart:️:sparkles:


Give me cake😋


I have a huge boxer bulldog puppo who thinks she’s a lap dog :joy:


So cute!!!


Ugh shame haha xD


Hahaha. She squishing you? Lmao sounds adorable though. X


HAPPY BIRTHHHDAAYY. My only buddy are my readers’ tears :sunglasses::sunglasses: (I lie I do not make my readers cry I promise.) I usually write with music but unfortunately no lovely animals


Aaaye thanks! xD. Haha. Making them cry is a good sign lol. Aww why no animals. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I have made some of my readers laugh and no animals as I have no pets but my dream pet would be a widdle sausage dog.


Maybe making them laugh is actually better hahaha. Awww sounds like the perfect writing buddy lol


Ah thanks and yeah, it must be so nice to have a reading buddy :blush: