Writing Without Cultural Appropriation


Hi there. I am currently writing a story and want some help to not disrespect other cultures and their traditions. For example, I am letting my readers choose whether their hair type is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky/afro-textured. Once they choose their type, they will only be able to use hairstyles of that type.

I am aware that kinky/afro-textured hair is often worn it protective hairstyles. Which of Episode’s INK hairstyles would a real woman with afro-textured hair wear? I don’t want to include the incorrect styles and disrespect their beautiful hair this way.


Speaking as a black female, we can wear our hair in many styles. Whether we leave it kinky (natural) or straighten it or add hair extensions or (weave) to it.

Are you looking for specific hairstyles without straightening it? Solely Natural?

Some natural styles:
Twist hair
Cornrow bun
Cornrow faux hawk
Long braids
Long dreadlocks
Long faux hawk
Ponytail locks
Styled cornrows


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Also the Natural Curls and Shaved Sides


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