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I’m writing a story, but I can’t save changes anymore. Can someone please help me.


Hi @EpyAliceStories what seems to be the trouble, wdym u cant save changes?

That’s the whole problem @kimberley4590 it doesn’t mention an error I just can’t click on the save button. But do you need to move your story to the new forums or something? Or do you need to open your story here and how?

As far as I know, nothing about the writing portal is changing. How many lines is your story? Sometimes large size will effect your ability to save. Just to be safe (if you haven’t already), I would copy and paste your script in a Google or Word doc.

I recommend sending a message to Episode, since it might be a bug.

However… Is your story a modified version of a “tutorial” story? Because that kind of stories are the only one (I think) that can’t be published. If it isn’t, then it is probably something that only Episode can fix.

I have 500 to 1000 lines in my 3 chapters and by each I can’t click on the save button. And its not a tutorial story or something so it might be a bug. So I’ll go to Episode, but I hate that this is happening I was almost ready to publish :frowning:

That’s really weird. Are you using the app or portal? If you’re using the portal (and not the app), try opening up a new story and pasting your chapters into there.

I know, right? I was almost done and then this. I’ve spent 20 hours on this so yeah I’m upset right now, but I’ll see if your tip works because I use the portal.:blush:

Hopefully it does. :grinning: I make sure to save every couple of lines or at the end of a scene just to make sure I don’t lose everything because I know lots of people have lost their entire scripts (evil Windows updates).

Luckily I did save everything but now no can’t save new stuff. But I 've informed episode about this because I was almost done and spent 20 hours on this so I’m not doing it again unless necessarily.

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IIt’s fixed! The browser that I used didn’t support the button or something but it works with an other browser!:grin:

That’s great you have it working now! A rule in my ITEC class was always use Google Chrome. Other browsers just get weird.

The teacher is right I use chrome instant of google

I want to make my story where I want to have the readers customize and name their characters. For example, when they name and customize the characters for the story in episode 1, their characters should remain the same in all of the other episodes as they did in the first episode. Kinda like when you customize your character for Demi’s Path to Fame game and they don’t keep asking you to put in your name or to customize your character all over again. My question is how can I make where after the players have created their characters to make sure that they don’t have to do the whole process customization all over again like Demi’s Path to Fame game?

If you go to directing helper by guide lines you will find info about naming your characters and on YouTube you just fill in customisation characters on episode there are a lot of videos about how it works. Hope this helps.

are you on wifi when saving?

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