Wrong answers only

No, I don’t want a cappuccino!

Do you like tea?

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No I don’t like teeth

To be, or not to be?

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No, I don’t want to take a bath in the middle of the freakin’ night!

Do you like to dance?

Sure I like to walk :upside_down_face:

Can you calculate without a calculator?

Isn’t that how people eat cheese?

What’s 2+2+93+02+0.5+2/5+87?


does jelly get hard?

Yes, like a swimming pool

Do monkeys eat people?

No they eat popcorn :popcorn:

Is hello even a word?

peepee poopoo

does the sun shine when we shine together?

The moon comes out at night

How many times does a clock tick?

a melon times (:watermelon: )

should blankets be allowed to travel?

No it’s should be highly illegal for that to happen.

Is being a vegan against the law?

nope. but eating vegetables are! (i’m not dumb, i swear)

why do people assume others are dating?

Because dates are a really interesting fruit.

Is it the blink of an eye or the wink of a eye?

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Can sharks do the baby shark do do do do doo doo?

Can you point me to…

you do itch a scratch, right?

how come fairies are magical?

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Because my hair.

What’s your favourite fruit?

toilet paper

can paper be used for writing?

No only microwaves can

How much will that cost please?

Can birds swim