Wrong answers only


What colors are in a rainbow?

pink gray and and black
Do Dogs Bark?

No, they meow

What color is the sky?

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Ramen noodles
How come newborns cant talk?

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With every word they speak, they become one inch smaller

How can I become a millionaire?

Rob a bank :bank:

How do I obtain a mansion?

live on an island

when is the fourth of july?

The 6th of never

Where can I find hogwarts?

Find a pig with warts.

Where can I purchase another chapstick?

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In the cafeteria.

Where is Europe?

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Behind my bookshelf.

Where’s a good place for coffee?

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What time is breakfast?


Can I go to the restroom?

Me too! The Mcflurry is the best :DDD
Why do my eyes hurt?

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