Wrong answers only

I haven’t seen the movie.
What doesn’t belong on pizza?


Why are people mean?

No comment

Is outer space actually inner?

Hipsters in black

Explain how water is made

With tar and juice

Is Barbie really a doll?

I’m a barbie I’m going to party buh byee

Who let the dog out who? who? who?

Me, who who who

What does the fox say?



You like Mac and Cheese?

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If you could be any number, which one would you be?

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He started it I swear!

Which planet is your fav?

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Do you know how to say yes?

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I failed in maths
Why can’t we take lift to the sky

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You played me :sob: (jk jk)

How hot is the sun?

-100000 degrees.

How are you?

Glowing skin.

What does “spill the tea” mean?

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It means “get out of my way right now”


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Ever heard of chickens?

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I heard there was something that’s green and furry and has five hundred eyes that flies , so that must be it.

What is episode? (the app not the literal meaning)


Black like my soul :black_heart:

Would you punch your ex in the face for a thousand dollars? (i’d probably do it for free dependin on who it was :skull::joy:)

Bananas are good.

What is plastic?