Wrong gmail account associated with Writer's Portal!


Hi there! I really love episode and wanted to continue to write a story I had been working on some time ago. When I went to login with my google (gmail) account, I clicked the wrong one by accident. This one is not the one in which I had worked on my story with. So now I have a completely new gmail account associated with episode. I have tried many different ways to login to episode with my old one, but it never really has worked or shown an option to login to my original one. It always seems to bypass and go straight to the writer’s portal every time I click login with gmail. So how do I switch to my old account?


You want to log out?


I’ve tried logging out of the gmail account and removing it from the computer and then going to the Writer’s Portal, but it still defaults to that one.


What about adding new account?


I’ve tried that on the google end of things and it did not work. But as far as episode goes, I don’t think there is any way to add a new account.


Yeah, got it try adding new account or logging out from google, the only way i guess


Try and open from other google like chrome or firefox or other


I just downloaded chrome and tried it that way. It worked!! Thank you so much!!!


No problem


Do you know how to delete your cookies? That usually helps to prevent websites from remembering things you’ve done in the past.


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