Wrong number of story views on my profile?

So I’m not sure what’s going on here, but basically I checked my episode profile on the app to check my story reads and saw it said 1.8k. I got excited and checked both stories I’ve published on the Writer Portal, and actually it only has 1084 reads in total (used a calculator and everything so I don’t seem stupid). 1.8k means 1800 right? The actual amount is closer to 1.1k. So why does it have the wrong number? I refreshed the app many times and it still says this.

I mean technically this would be a good thing, right? But I’m still super confused

Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else?
*My username is Abimations in case anyone wanted to check if theirs also says the same thing as mine

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the story views are people who clicked onto your story, and the number that shows up in the portal are the amount of chapters read. (I think, I’m probably wrong)


That could be it although this has never happened before until today

That just the app bugging out, it happens to everyone.

Like my story was over 2k reads but on the app it said it only had 1.9k reads and your case it just rounded to the 8.
I wouldn’t worry about it


ah okay thanks

It says that you are 1.1k on my app

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The App does this and I have no idea why but once you’ll reach your 1100 reads it will go back to 1.1K.

So for example if you have 1000 reads, the app will say 1.0k; if you reach 1010 -> 1.1k reads; if 1020 -> 1.2k reads; if 1030 -> 1.3k reads; if 1050 -> 1.5k reads, ect until you reach 1100 where it will go back to 1.1k. And then the numbers of reads are normal again so it will show 1.2k when you reach 1200 reads…

I hope that made some sense :thinking:


Thanks, I reached 1100 so it went back to 1.1k

You’re right :+1:t5: