Wrong Platform- New phone


I was previously using the Galaxy S8+ to play Episode on, however I upgraded to the Galaxy S9+. When I go to reload my game I am getting an error that my account is on the incorrect Platform. WHAT IS GOING ON?? I am going Android to Android. Anyone know how to fix this???


Best thing to do is submit a ticket to our support team who is more than happy to help you with this. Thanks!


I have submitted a ticket. Do they happen to work weekends


Sure do but please give them time as the tickets are worked on in the order in which they are received :slight_smile:


well My ticket stated solved, but there was no response to my issue… I really hope I am not going to loose my account.


Please private message me the ticket number. Thanks.


I am not sure how to private message you , but I have another ticket open , and I am not getting anything resolved on this issue.