Wrong Side of the Tracks Trope?

How do you feel about this trope? Definitely not another version of the “bad-boy” trope, but a romance between two people from different worlds, like rich and poor. Personally I think it’s cute but I wasn’t sure if anyone felt that it was overplayed!


I think any trope with your spin on it, written well can be really awesome! I think it’s a nice trope, too.


Hey jordanlaurentepisode,

It’s cute. It’s only overplayed if you rush the story. As long as it’s well written and unique (you may have some unexpected drama in it and some unexpected events in it, but don’t go over the top and maki it cringy with mean girls and alley creeps :roll_eyes:) I don’t care what the trope and subject is of the story and I will read your story.

Love A-W

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