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hi m new here but i have been a reader since 2 year and have been reading alot like 50+ stories , i have ideas and plotting but i need someone to write eisode for mr i do know the directions and dialogings but al i know is bookish language it hase been really tough for me to understand the typing pattern of episode writing ANYBODY i mean ANYBODY knowing the writing thing on episode please join me. u can text me over insta @abhatalwar on fb abbha.talwar on twitter abha_sword snapchat abbhatalwar just help me out contact me at any where source.

well u can edit up ur stuff also bcuz k ur not here to do the typing thing so u can discuss the ideas but really do contact ASAP bcuz i hv been trying to hard since 2016

Help please with the writing
Help please with the writing

Hey I know how frustrating it can get with using episode. I know my way around episode coding however I’m not a pro but if you want I could help you the best way I know how. I don’t really use instagram and I don’t have fb or twitter.


how to contact??? email???


Heyo! I’m Author Claire and if you need help with writing, I’m coming to the rescue! Writing partner/director at your service! Here’s my email: margauxspam.08@gmail.com (it isn’t spam email)


check email inbox


Check your schedule too ! :wink:




Check your inbox too!


My email is mayagrace011@gmail.com




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