Wtfrick is this new


Kind of. It’s practically the same format as Webtoon. I think more popular authors have the choice of choosing early access (which is that) or releasing it to everyone straight away without the gem choice to view it. I don’t think that feature is available to every author and I don’t know if they’ll roll it out to every author either.

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Unfortunately yes… It sucks


Yep. Only popular authors have this option. Maybe u could make a request thread for it?

I hope not x.x

Made the updated story a let down

Like a rant?

No, u can create a request thread which is when u ask for smth, if u read thru the Feature Request Guidelines

Then request for everyone to b able to do early access if u want that feature :sun_behind_large_cloud:

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I think it’s more like Willow would prefer it to be scrapped. :hear_no_evil:


Ohhh sry abt confusion :sweat_smile:

I think episode will keep it tho, bc readers actually pay for early access so it’s one of the best routes of getting ppl to spend gems :two_hearts:

Nah, it’s been around for a while.

The community has seen it in beta and a lot of people hated it, I honestly thought it was possibly going to be scrapped and I didn’t see it for awhile after people complained. I’ve only seen it being implemented more widely by popular authors in recent months (Jan, Feb) on a regular basis and it appears that it might actually become a permanent feature. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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It’s not only to popular authors (unless the authors I follow are more popular than I thought). It’s for any author that wants to set early access, it’s an alternative to setting gem choices inside the episode.

You either pay the gems or wait a week. Up to you.

Not all authors have done this and many won’t actually choose it, it’s entirely up to the author.


This is the worst idea ever


can we make a request for them to take down that feature ? :skull:


Eh, I’m fine with waiting. I have to do the same with TV shows and chapters on ebooks so this is nothing new. I would be more mad if I wasted 8 gems to access a not-so-well written episode/chapter.


Uh maybe? I only spotted this a few days ago when reading a story on the trending list.

I think it’s new. I saw this recently in a story I was reading currently, and it really sucked because I do not want to pay gems just to read a chapter that others would have free access to it a few days later. ://

Its dishonest

They had it seem like chapters were out so i clicked and OH WAIT A WEEK

Annoying >_>

Even I saw the same thing rn. I thought this was before the next episode was released and thought they had forgot to remove it so I decided to just use the option. Only after I read it properly later, I realized I just wasted 8 gems :woman_facepalming:t2: