Wut is happening :((

When I go to writer’s portal it looks like this. I have tried restarting computer but it just doesn’t work. Can anybody help?


Well, just click where it says “Continue Story” and it’ll work. That sometimes happens to me.

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clicked but nothing better happend

Hmmmm strange thing is that that always works for me. Maybe it’s not displaying stuff because of another problem.

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Try clicking on “My Stories” upper link next to “Art Catalog” ??:thinking:

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that happened to me for a second but then it finished loading, you’ve probably already tried this but…refreshing maybe hehe sorry that sounds dumb? :joy:


it is art catalog with nothing on it and same colors.

Tried :((

Is your browser up to date? You’ve tried restarting your system completely too? Just worth a shot if you already havent :crossed_fingers:


This, :point_up:t3: :point_up:t3:


Maybe x out of the tab? It might help or I just would send a support ticket to the team. @Sydney_H

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Yes I have

Well for starters you are using internet explorer. Try using google chrome it’s what I do and when this happens it could be network or the WiFi connection isn’t strong enough.
Hope this helps!

Restart your computer?

wait, what version of windows are you using?

it is up to date :))

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did anything happened, is it still not working or it works now?

it’s the same, I didnt have to update since it is up to the date

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I would just send a support ticket to episode and maybe they can fix it.

@Sydney_H you can close this thread :))

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