X~Haven’s Splashes~X


Hi guys I’m Haven!!! I’m starting a SPLASH thread!!! Since I just started editing I will only be doing splashes. If you would like a splash you must read the rules and fill out the form.


  1. Don’t start drama…just don’t
  2. BE PATIENT!! I have a life too you know…
  3. I have every right to reject your request. If I do you most likely did something wrong
  4. Use your manners I certainly won’t be making your splash if you aren’t nice to me
  5. You must fill out the form below
  6. I would LOVE it if you credited me but it’s not necessary (if you would like to my username is Mystic.taco.episode
  7. You are allowed 3 redos!!!



  1. Story Title
  2. Type of splash (to be continued, volume, mature themes etc.)
  3. Screenshot of characters with outfit and pose
  4. Character descriptions
  5. Picture of Background
  6. Waist up, full body, head up
  7. Message
  8. Other (specific arrangement of characters etc.)


Hello, @haven.episode!

  1. Story Title: Crossed Paths

  2. Volume Splash

  3. Screenshots:

  4. Shown above I think but feel free to ask me more :heart:

  5. Waist up please :smiley:

  6. N/A

Thanks so much for opening this thread, and if I need to answer any more questions, I’d be happy to help.


Alright!!! I’ll start working on it now!


Thanks so much! :heart:


Any specific message?


“This story has sound! Turn it up!”




Alright! Finished!! I hope it was somewhat to your expectations since it’s my first day doing these things! :blush:


GIRL, you talented being! I love it, thanks so much!


Aww thank you so much! :kissing_heart: and of course! I’m glad you like it!