X to Y screen? Help me ;-;

Um. I’ve been writing my story and EVERY SINGLE ONE! Gets a warning about ‘Use screen X to y’ blah blah…
Idk what it means!
Please help!

Hmmm… Like, SOANDSO enters from left to screen center AND SOANDSO faces left

the screen X is where u want ur char. to start from and screen y is where u want it to end. Left to screen center.

If this didn’t help, can you give an example of one of ur warning lines? =)

I’ve been doing

@LISA enters right to screen right

than it gives a me a warning or something!


Try doing it this way.

@LISA enters FROM right to screen right.

You are forgetting the preposition word FROM, only don’t use the caps on it. I only did that to show you what you were missing. Sorry, they’re really particular about that =P
Did this work??

Oh thanks!

Yay! You’re very welcome. Glad it worked!! :slight_smile:

NAhhh see babe you gotta day @lisa enters from left to screen right

Sometimes when I’m typing too fast I either misspelled it or forget to put it

@Ryan You may close this now <3

one last thing
there done

You could try something like this!
@LISA enters from left to screen center AND LISA is run_jog
Or exiting
@LISA exits right AND LISA is walk_exhausted
I used walk_exhausted and run_jog as examples.

It would be @CHAR enters from position to position