Xxcookiexx Official Cover/Splashes Request Shop! (OPEN)



If it’s still too big there’s an option to make it smaller in episode interactive


I have a request for a Cover page. I could send you the character info after you reply




Hi, I can make you a cover


May I request a cover?


Of course


Hi I was wondering if I can request for a few splashes. It might be a alot though.


Okay, but I won’t be able to put characters in splashes


That’s okay. It’s for one of my three stories anyway. Is it okay if I request a splash on a different thread for my story. Sorry if that might be rude. You don’t have to make mine, if it offend you.

Sorry again about this


You don’t need to apologize.

If you request it on another thread and decide which one is better, it’s perfectly fine! I need the practice anyway :joy:

It’s not rude at all. There’s no need to be sorry. I am not offended.


Sorry for not replying as soon as possible, but here are the details:
Title: Hold Me Tight
Author: Mercedes.stories
Description: After losing her parents, being homeless AND being abused by her boyfriend. Nadia gives up on love, Can Nova cure her now stone heart or will the bad boy Damon get in the way? (This is so if you don’t like my idea of what it should be then you can change it to how ever you want as long as it fits the description because I want you to be free to do it how you want.)

Character details

**The first character stands in the middle facing left with her gun in her hand while the 2nd character stands on left facing right and she has a hand around the girl

in the middle’s waist and the last character is on the right doing that pose and could he have a tie on and the girl in the middle holds onto the tie and she has a kiss on her cheek, but as I said before, if you don’t think it fits or you just don’t feel like doing it this way then you are free to change it.

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Can I give it to you tomorrow if that’s okay with you.


Hey, its me. Can I request for a lot splashes

1.Type of splashes: This story use sound and music! Turn up your volume!

Background: Sky blue color with flower

  1. Type of splashes: Warning! This story contains mature theme and strong languages.

Background: Falling rain

  1. Type of splashes: 25 chapters
    Background: Wolf



@xxcookiexx Hello! I was wondering if I could request a cover? I saw the other two in this topic and they’re amazing! If you can’t don’t worry about it just let me know when you get the chance :smile:


Sure, but it might take awhile I’ve been really busy the past few weeks.


That’s totally fine! This story might not be published for a few weeks anyways. Thank you

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