Xxxtentacion gone but never forgotten 💜


Sooo ik this doesn’t have anything to do with the episode community but I just wanted to create a little thread in support of x. He helped me through a lot of shit and it’s honeslty heart breaking knowing that he’s gone. Rest In Peace x. Gone but never forgotten. :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I was reading the news like, I thought he was in a coma, but damn. I just want to hear about the autopsy and probably the crazy theories of him knowing he’d die. :woman_shrugging: But still :heart: he died way too young.


XXX will always and forever be a king and a rap legend.


Moved this to General Chat as it is not Episode related. Thanks!


And it’s sad that people on social media are making fun of his death :frowning:


I mean he is a rapper and he did have a lot of issues on the other hand.


Yeah like how can people make fun of someone who died? No matter what he did (true or not) or who he is, death shouldn’t be something to laugh at


And, like, I didn’t take an interest in what happened with his girlfriend, because after all it’s not my business… but I do love his music a lot, he was one of my favorite artists ever :pensive:


it really is he was way to young to die it’s not a shame it’s something that only a little jealous btch would do who makes fun of death who in the hll does that


Rest In Peace X :two_hearts::pray:


I never knew him until now know he’s dead. I started playing music and I really love it. I fell horrible for not knowing who was until was dead.