Y me have no motivation?


:sweat_smile:Well, I am trying to write my first episode story, but I feel that its not going anywhere as i just procastinate and lack motivation :joy::joy:

What do you guys do when you have no inspiration??
Any tips?? :heart:


Read a good book or watch a good movie that has the same genre as your story :slight_smile:


Or you can do the same as me and bake a chocolate cake :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What I do is read an episode and get ideas from it! :joy:


I tend to look at other stories to see if they have any genre ideas that I would like to use. Also, if there is a story contest that you can do in the mean time (which there is not right now sorry :sweat: ) Anyway, if you need help in any other way please PM me or respond.


ahahaha good idea then we can just forget about the story and focus on eating, problem solved

I LIKE THIS IDEA LMAO :joy::heart:


Chocolate solves everything.:sweat_smile::wink:




Just try changing up the current plot or randomly throwing in a crazy twist. Trust me, that always works. Youโ€™re going to want to keep writing to see where the story goes yourself! :laughing:




I love your thinking @S_Unique :smile:




AHAHAH RIGHT :joy::joy::heart::heart:


Listen to music it helps!!!


I think reading a good story book can help you:)


sometimes im just at school or in the shower or real life events or even tv shows and they just inspire me and i get a story idea its really weird tho :joy: