Ya girl is just a wee bit confused

I’m just a little bit confused on a couple of things here on episode forums. Can someone help me out?

What exactly is a thread?

Why if you post something similar to a thread they take it down?

Can you post on a thread someone else started?

What’s thread hopping?

What is an art shop?

What are all these games everyone plays as topics?

What how do you do those little drop down arrow thingies?

I don’t mean to sound stupid I just want to make sure I understand what exactly all that stuff is :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: thank you before hand if you help me and answer


It’s a topic

They’ll usually merge it so that there’s no duplicates.

Yes you can, as long as you are on topic with your replies

This is usually a term used with the art community. It’s what they call it when you request something from one artist and then go to a different artist and ask for the same thing.

Some artists create threads purely for their art and to offer their services to the community.

Forum games is just a section of the forums where the community can create their own games. The rules of each game are usually explained in the first post.

You should see a gear icon when you’re typing a reply… clicking it will give you the option to hide details or blur spoiler. Hiding details is the one that creates drop down arrows.

Welcome to the forums :blush:


Thank you so much @amberose !!! This was super duper helpful


No worries :slight_smile: