Yakuza Reloaded official promotion

Hi everyone, it’s Kireina !

I think I finally learned how to use the forums so I’m here to promote Yakuza for you. You might already know me from Instagram as @sagarakireina or through Yakuza, as it has already been on Episode for a good 2 years. I finished writing Yakuza a year ago and it was an intense journey, but the love and support I’ve received has been worth it all. For the past year I have been revamping Yakuza and practically rebranded it entirely so that you can enjoy it in even better quality. So here I am to bring you Yakuza Reloaded !

Yakuza Reloaded: “When the Japanese mafia target you, an SAT officer and a mysterious millionaire offer you their protection. But can they resist you?”

  • Full CC
  • Bisex MC
  • 3 LI

You can jump to Yakuza Reloaded from here: Yakuza Reloaded

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Congratulations on publishing :two_hearts: