Yall can someone help me with this because its honestly I cnat get it to work


else should be on its own as it’s a last option

} else {


oh okay i’ll try that thanks

Okay omg thank you and reason number 30000303 why I never do complex choices like this is i mess up and i can never get it right

Just remember that last option is always else on its own and you should be good to go without any errors! :grin:

Wait I’m sorry the second choice is automatically going to the ‘else’ choice
I feel like Im in a nw world lmao

If you have 2 choices it will be if/ else, 3: if/elif/else 4 or more: if/elif/elif/else

its just skipping straight through let me try to pull it up
For some reason its not comming up but its not going to the second choice just skipping to the third

You need to reset your story progress if you want to test different outcomes

oh let me try

even after reseting it it just keeps skipping the second choice Its really weird

Go to :point_down::point_down::point_down: hopefully this helps


Limelight Script Template


Ink Script Template

It always skips to the last one unless you specifically play the other ones. If it’s not “gained” in that chapter or whatever else, it’ll always play the “else” options whether you’re in portal or web. You have to physically check out the if/elifs

Thank you I was so fun I looked over all the code AND I MEAN ALL the code and it was my labels that were messed up so the last one was the only one that was working

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