Y'all Got Any Character Names

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So, uh, I need two character names. They’re both guys.

The first one, who we shall refer to as West, is Lebanese and his family is Christian. He was originally white but then I was watching a Deepika Padukone movie and decided to make one of my Arab characters Indian so she could yell “Bakvaas.” So I decided to make her love interest Arab because I noticed there’s a lack of Arab LIs. Anyway, his last name is Joseph. If West is a suitable name for him, then that’s great because I love that name. If not, can y’all recommend names for him?

The second, who we shall refer to as Adrian, is Filipino and his last name is Reyes Santos. So, the same goes for him as it goes for West. If Adrian/Adrien isn’t an appropriate name for him, please, recommend some. (Keep in mind that he’s born in the '70s)

Alright, so, I think that’s all. If you recommend something, then thank you.

Here is just a list of names.Mabye one will get your juices going


Tyler Ryder Gunner
Mikey Jonathan Lance
Kyle Levi Isaiah Asa
Raymond Kody Xavier
Preston Shawn Connor
Josh Jameson Atticus
Thor Rajab Kenneth
London Tristen Luko
Leon Harrison Opie
Kayden Marshall Kienan

Put for you characters Spesifically
I say:
Adrian: Jeremy
West: Adain

I dont know :woman_facepalming:

Idk, I like Adain, but i don’t know how to pronounce it or if it fits with his ethnicity and religion. But I kind don’t like the name Jeremy, you know?

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yes I get you names are the harshest for me as well.
I’m just throwing names
and I think its proboced Add-on
think of add on (Somthing)
or Add ann

West: Ali (not that great but waaayyyy more arab like thatn west.)
Adrian is fine.

I would name him Ali, but his LI’s name is Aliya and I kinda don’t want to change that, but I also don’t want them to sound like siblings.

okay! aliya’s not bad though

How about Elias instead of West, since it is an Arabic name

I actually like that name. Would other biblical names work for him?

I don’t know if the first 2 are biblical names, I am not Christian, but you can name him: Khalil, Rayan, Isa (which is in Arabic and translates to Jesus).

What episode.BlueCrystal is saying are actually Muslim names, not Christian. Yes, they are Arabic, but they are not Christian and have to do with what is stated in the Quran.

Here are some names from the Bible that I find cute

Boaz (nickname Bo?)

A lot of the times, Christians that are Arabic/Lebanese don’t use “Arabic names”, but rather take names from the Bible. It’ll be hard to find a Christian with a very Arabic name.

Okay! Thank you so much!

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For your second person you could do some research and find out what baby names were popular during the 70’s

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