Y'all plz recommend stories?

Hey y’all<33
I want some story recommendations since I read all my favorites, and Also want to help sm stories under 5k reads
So plz recommend below ty ;]

Link to my ig (just in case): https://www.instagram.com/author.olivia/?hl=en


Hey! Here are some stories I recommend:

Hunt or Get Hunted by @Owlquest
Stand by Me by @ChaoticDreamz
Just a Mess by @EmpressVanessa
Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri
Him and I by @KamiN

You could also check out my story if you’d like! :smile:

Title: Too Much Baby Mama Drama
Author: Lex
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: He has baby mama drama and a lot of it! Will you be able to deal with it or will you find comfort in the arms of someone else?


Flashback Friday by Daisy W.
Jett Set, Go by Amberose
The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile

Supernatural Desire by JemU776
You, Me and the Beat by Anna
Lie to Me by Alexandra Mar

Silhouettes by aprilish
Fantastical: Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
The Four Horsemen by S. Unique
Fantastical: Black Shadow by Alex Af
Pine Hollow: Hex Of The Tree by Elzbiet Zaleski

Unknown Past by Sayanjali Rizvi
Guard in Rouge by B16 Resident

For more stories I highly recommend @Amberose’s profile on the app because she only has stories under 5K in her recommendation list.


Title: Catching Coal
Author: @TalGordin
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 22
Status: Ongoing
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5604201600778240
Description: Coal lives her normal, perfect life until she discovers that she’s being hunted. But how can someone kill a girl who always comes back to life?
It’s a really good story, the author worked really hard on it. You should give it a try. :slight_smile:


Hahaha, thanks for the mention

@Olivia2003 I want to also add Echo Creek (Adventure, Ink) by Jade R to your reading list, No Strings Attached by Alyce Writes (Drama, LL), College Days: Psychology 101 by Annie Edison (Ink, Comedy) because they’re my three favourites atm.


OMG I’m so honored that you recommended my story :scream::see_no_evil: Thank you sooo much! :blush::sob::heart:


Title: And in time…
Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance with some fantasy, but is mainly romance.
Summary: With a haunting past and a stale present, will she be able to bring you out of the dark you have succumb to? Or will history repeat itself?

Here’s a link if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Honestly your recommendation list should be pinned somewhere, like Episode should post it on IG or I don’t know :smiley: I would seriously read everything there if I didn’t have enough stories on my shelf.

And of course, thanks for the mention! :kissing_heart:


:hugs: Here are some #SmallEpisodeAuthor Gemz!
:gem: Kotton Kandie by @prettyeri
:gem: Stand By Me by @chaoticdreamz
:gem: Too Much Baby Mama Drama by @Lex2
:gem: Galaxies Intertwined by @nattyjames.epi

Here are my two stories…

Title: Just A Mess…
Author: Empress Vanessa
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
CC: Will be in Episode 8
# of Episodes : 7 (On Going)
About my story:
I got the idea of this story by reading so many great stories that I wanted to combine them all and do a parody! I hope you will take a chance to laugh and be happy reading my story!
Description: Summer attends a new High School &amp; has a few admires. Mr. Soprano fools round w/his personal assistant at work, but is that enough for Kendra? Or will she go back to her sugar daddy? PARODY Choices Matter!
Intagram: @vanessa.on.episode & @justamess.on.episode
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4636237589512192

I do hope you check it out and enjoy! :hugs::blue_heart:


Title: Living In The Moment
Author: Empress Vanessa
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama/Romance
CC: Yes
# of Episodes: 3 (4&5 will be released together.) (On Going)
About My Story:
This story was first produced on the app and my first story I wrote. It originally has 8 episodes already, but I have changed a lot since then. I had based it on my life. I do hope you take a chance and enjoy it!
Description: When she decides to leave LOVE alone due to her failed relationships, she tries to become focused on SELF &amp; NO MEN. Yet, living in the moment may be a better way to live…maybe.
Choices Matter!
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4642676949254144
Instagram: @vanessa.on.episode

I do hope you check it out and enjoy! :hugs::blue_heart:


Title - This is me
Chapters - 3 (4-6 out January)
Author - Hannah
About my story - This story is based loosely on my life… My experiences and how I have been treated
Description- Hallie arrives at uni, but she can’t speak, will her new friends help her talk again?
Link - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5316733319905280

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@Sandrag.stories has some GOOD ones.

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Title : My Freedom
Author : AZN
Style : INK
Genre : Romance
Description : He’s an actor and he’s successful. That doesn’t stop Grey from chasing a shy girl like Ophelia, while being engaged to her cousin.
Instagram : @azn.stories
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5828647379402752

Small cover :


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Hi! Here are some stories I recommend!

Hit and Run by Elise C
Ghostwriter by Elise C
Maternal Instincts by Elise C (there’s a spotlight version and a cinematic version. The spotlight version has less animation but more endings, and the cinematic version has more animation but fewer endings, but still enough to satisfy).

(Yeah, I like Elise C).

Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy G
The Infected by Caitoriri
Villain Rehab by Caitoriri


You can check out my story:
Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: JessDeBest
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: College is all fun and games until you discover what’s behind closed doors. Students disappear one by one, and you’re going to get to the bottom of it.
Instagram: @iwrite.stories
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6459913677111296

Galatic Game by Lucky
Infected by @Caitoriri
Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri


Thank you :sob:


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I have a story called Freakish if you wanna read it

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Hey! I’d really appreciate if you could check out my story :smile:.

Title: Him & I
Author: Kami N.
No. episodes published: 3 so far(ongoing)
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama, Romance
Description: Samantha Hayes’ life is going smoothly until she meets two guys. One will change her perception of things to make sure she has the time of her life. I don’t want to give too much away, hence the short description. Seems cliché at first, but things will change.
Instagram: @episode.kamii
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5594543590080512
Small cover:

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Hey :smile: Check out this one
Title Royal Blood
Author Fatima Zahra
Genre Romance Mystery
Style Limelight
Description “Letting you go was the hardest thing i’v ever had to do”“Don’t let me go”“I can’t forgive you”
“please forgive me” “Leave”“Stay”“I love YOU”“Go…”
“OK!__ /_ /__________ .”
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5871936758415360
Story Cover

Screenshot_20181212-200702.png1080×1920 1.82 MB


I recommend these:

College Days: Psychology 101 by Annie Edison

You will laugh so hard, you won’t be able to stop laughing. It’s the only episode story to make me laugh super hard to the point where I thought my bones were going to break (I mean this in a good way lol). Thank god I wasn’t drinking anything or I’d be in serious trouble. I’ve read a few other funny ones but this takes the icing on the cake. Annieways is the Queen of Comedy, and if you’re ever feeling down, reading her stories will seriously cheer you up. Super supportive and reads peoples’ stories. Honestly, a really funny person.

The Three Little Wolves by MidnightMaiden

This story is so awesome and if you love wolves, you should check it out. Plus, it’s really addicting to read XD MidnightMaiden is an author who advocates for smaller authors and stands up for them. She’s very supportive and very generous, helping out other authors. She’s been supporting me from the beginning and I know I can always count on her. A super generous person who works hard.

Eternally Yours by Alexandria

Alexandria, my second half (OK, that was too deep lol) but she means a lot to me and this story is wicked awesome! She’s one of the kindest people I know. And her writing skills are just epic.

It Takes Four by Nelida Utuwata

Not only is she an artist, she’s a writer as well. She’s super talented with an amazing story that you’ll fall in love with many times. I recommend checking out this gem!

My First Love by Alana Frazer

This story is a true gem and I’m glad I had the honor to check it out!

Mischief Night by KBeaves90

If you love Halloween, you’ll love this story and if you hate Halloween or don’t celebrate it…you’ll still love this story!

Comedy: Flashback Friday by Daisy W. (full of twists that’ll make you wanting more, wondering what happens next)

These stories all have less than 5 k reads and they’re all awesome!