Y'all why was this rejected?

soo i uploaded an overlay that looks like this:

for one of my scenes I have in my story.

apparently it got rejected for “Assault, Violence & Torture: promotes or depicts excessive violence or assault, including (but is not limited to): sexual assault, murder, and torture against humans or animals” which i find stupid bc he’s just dying?? like what?? its not even a cover its just her holding him as he dies…


Maybe because he’s bleeding from his mouth

And just the blood in general


I can try to remove the blood from his mouth but he’s literally dying he’s not supposed to be bleeding glitter or something lmfao


Lol :joy:

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man this sucks like what’s the point of writing a scene where someone is dying when we can’t have blood in the scene. like yeah i get no :sparkles: excessive :sparkles: amounts of blood but just because he’s bleeding from his mouth doesn’t mean anything. he could’ve just flossed a bit too hard like c’mon.


Bruh they really want you to write ‘oop and he died’ - on a serious note though, maybe keep the redness under his eyes but get rid of the blood, there is a chance that could make it


loooooooool, its the floss part that killed me (no pun intended) I definitely understand your frustration.


Were the other ones accepted?


Is there a way I can leave the blood where her hand is? I really don’t want to have to get rid of it bc it’ll just make the overlay look tacky asf.

Nope. They rejected ALL of them.


im sorry ): it looks fine to me! maybe try as a background, sometimes they’re easier in backgrounds than overlays


Hmm, this is a teeny loophole (it will be annoying to direct) but maybe separately upload the blood splatters and spot direct them in the story. However, there is another way - maybe reduce the blood’s circumference (basically make the blood splatter smaller or keep the female character’s cut). Another potential solution is just making the blood look ‘smaller’ so the blood dripping from his mouth is less than it is atm and blood splatter is smaller too?

It’s just ironic how this overlay which is fine imo is not okay but hey go off having a murdering gangster loving LI. Also, when your story gets published or if it is published - can you hmu :pleading_face: it looks good. My insta is @days.episode so send the link whenever.


That’s smart. It’s just gonna be a pain in the ass that I’ll have to either reupload them because Episode decided that someone dying is too “gorey” when in reality he’s just bleeding from his shirt, or I’ll have to edit them into a background. Like if they think that’s gorey I don’t think they’ve seen a girl on her period. Anywho, I’ll take your suggestion but I’m still hoping all goes well.


I’m not sure, if it’s only been because of the blood… :thinking:
I mean even episodes uses blood and bruises, like these that are available for everyone in the clothing section.

Maybe they have a problem with the whole pose? :expressionless: :frowning_face:


Because your using too much blood. Try using less and just in one spot.


You can also try using an overlay ontop instead!


could also be cause of his eye’s tho, like the blood near them. try removing small things and upload and see if they accept it!


*different overlays of the blood spot and yeah episode did that to me too lol


Lmfao it IS in one spot. I don’t know if you can tell but it’s just red because she’s crying so it makes it seem like there’s a lot of blood when there’s only like one patch of blood on his shirt and hers. (other than his mouth ofc which i removed)

I’ll try that as well, though it won’t look as good as the overlay above. Not gonna lie.

I will! It’s supposed to be coming out Nov 1. and hopefully I won’t have to push it back, but I’ll definitely PM you once it’s released :blob_hearts: :blob_turtle:

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I’m not sure about that, I made a pose for someone some time ago and there was way more blood (like a puddle of blood underneath the character and some more…) on it. I haven’t heard from her again, so I think they might accepted this :woman_shrugging:


It’s not exactly blood but it’s more like from the pain. He only has blood on his shirt, but Episode thinks he’s covered in it :woman_shrugging:t4: