Yay's Official Help Thread (CODING HELP, AND MORE!)

(This was inspired by Dara Amarie)

Comment down below what you need help with!

Things you can request that I’d be glad to help with

2. Script Templates
3. Labels
4. Colored Choices
5. Gained Choices
6. Zones
7. Spot directing
8. Lying in beds
9. Dressing Game
10. Typing choices
11. Side By Side Calls
12. And many more!


I just started learning about the spot helping and i did it right i think, my character looks correct on my phone app, but on my computer while im writing the script, its completely out of porportion. did i do something wrong or is it still going to show up normal when i post the story

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Have you made sure you have coded the spot directing onto your computer?

If so, could you show me how you coded it as?

If you are sure you have done everything correctly, Show me where you would like your character to be standing.

I will try coding the spot direction myself with one of my characters and see if I can resend the coding to you.

Could you make me a drawing cover

I’m not good at making drawed covers but I am good at making ones including episode characters on them scroll back to the top to see what must be included for me to make covers :slight_smile: hope I can help

I don’t need you to draw it, just combine the two pictures. That all I need :wink:

Do you mean make split pictures combine like a side call? Or make a cover? Please explain

I have the pictures, I just need them to be one picture.

Okay please send me them and I will message you when it has been finished. :slight_smile:

Hey do you think you can help me with Limelight character customization?


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Cover Art details


The title is : Back in the Feudal Era
please make the font in Almendra Display or MedavialSharp

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@CHAR1 spot 1.140 64 120 AND CHAR1 faces right
@CHAR2 spot 1.103 154 133 AND CHAR2 faces left
@CHAR3 spot 1.244 258 106 AND CHAR3 faces left

and CHAR1 is the one thats out of wack

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What background is this?

PS; I’ll be able to help you out later since I need to rush rn

Thanks I’ll help

Yes of course!

Later though, I am busy though I will message you soon!


and thank you so much.

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Hey, I’ve messaged you please reply as soon as possible! Regards Yay :slight_smile:

Hey I’ve messaged you your art! I hope you like it! Regards Yay

I’ve messaged you asking a question on what sespifically you’d like help with! Regards Yay

Hi! I really need some help with overlays. I’m trying to get a overlay to appear while a scene is playing and i’ve done the directing and it shows no errors, but when i check on the previewer it doesn’t show?

&pause for 2
@overlay RUDE_IN1 create
@overlay RUDE_IN1 shifts to 136 175
@overlay RUDE_IN1 scales to 0.400 0.400
@overlay RUDE_IN1 to layer 2