Yay's Official Help Thread (CODING HELP, AND MORE!)

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I have no control over episode’s glitches unfortunatly, though I’m sure they can help you out :slight_smile:

I see :wink: thank you!

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NP :slight_smile: Anything else you would need help with? In terms of coding or whatever?

Probably, I’m trying to get as much help as possible :slight_smile:

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Well I can be your go to gal :wink: lol jk but I’ll be there when you need help (I’m on most of the time so if you don’t get a reply straight away you can go to my thread :3)

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And if I’m not on ask Apes or Dara or anyone you like really :slight_smile:

PS: There are thousands of great forumers here’s some people I reccomend:

  1. JemU776

  2. Dara Amarie

  3. Apes

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Hi again! Im still with this phone bed overlay thingy lmao.
I’m trying to get the ELIJAH to do some animations before the overlay appears, but the overlay keeps appearing before the animations are done. My other problem is also that the Overlay won’t move to the first layer.

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2

@ELIJAH moves to layer 2
@ELIJAH changes hair into Beach Wave Hair
@ELIJAH changes into ELIJAH_BLUE
@ELIJAH stands upscreen left in zone 2 AND ELIJAH is listen_phone_neutral_loop
ELIJAH (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
What’s so important about this party anyways?
&ELIJAH is listen_phone_eyeroll THEN ELIJAH is text_phone_neutral_loop THEN ELIJAH walks to spot 0.965 149 140 AND ELIJAH faces right AND ELIJAH does it while walk_offset_rear THEN ELIJAH faces left AND ELIJAH is dustoff_loop THEN ELIJAH is reach_kneel_rear


You’re meeting Ivan, remember?
The guy I told you about, with the charcoal hair?
Newt told me he’s a big fan of blue.

&ELIJAH is talk_exhausted THEN ELIJAH is think
&overlay RUDE_IN1 create
&overlay RUDE_IN1 moves to layer 1
&overlay RUDE_IN1 shifts to 128 181 in zone 2
&overlay RUDE_IN1 opacity 1
&overlay RUDE_IN1 scales to 0.604 0.604 in zone 2

I'm really not in the mood.

@speechbubble is 126 234 to 87% with tail_bottom_right
&ELIJAH walks to spot 0.965 383 137 AND ELIJAH does it while walk_exhausted

Don't be such a bore.
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I will get it solved in a minute just testing everything etc

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Hey I’ve messaged you the script :slight_smile:

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If you need help on script errors comment down below and I’ll try my best to solve them. If unfortunatly I cannot, please visit Dara.Amarie’s help thread :blush:

Regards Yay.


It says it all in the title…

I will try and help as much as I can please be paitent if I do not respond straight away :T

Hey, I’ve been having problem with spot directing and I’m kinda new to this.
@ROANNA spot 1.004 153 106 in zone 2 at layer 4 AND VINCENZO spot 1.024 092 115 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND TREYTON spot 0.992 022 127 in zone 2 at layer 2 ZAVIER spot 0.983 068 168 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND JACKSON spot 0.983 214 122 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND KALE spot 0.974 256 176 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND MATEO spot 1.022 293 107 in zone 2 at layer 2
Warning keeps showing up saying: Use the word “spot” before the numbers specifying the spot.
I don’t understand the problem, hopefully you can help me.

you need an “AND” before the name ZAVIER

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Thank you so much for noticing but it keeps showing the warning.

Remove lines 50 and 49

How to stop characters from popping up in a scene after fading in to a scene?

Could you show me what your script says? I’ve had this problem before as well and I think I could help you out if I see what you are coding. :blush:

Use & instead of @

Need help i don’t understand this :sweat: