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add any punctuation mark to the dialogue

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Currently wondering how to get my character to stand behind the bar, in the background of INT. BAR - DAY, because the layers are not what I needed to change. Thanks!

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I need help with, colored choice, zones, spot directing, lying on bed. I need help with everything. Can you please me???

Colored choices:

Each background have for sure 1 zone, it can have 2, 3 or even 4

Commands for zones:
@cut to zone 2 (scene will start in zone 2)
@pan to zone 3 (the camera will slowly move to zone 3)

Spot directing:

Laying on the bed:

Hi again lmao! I need help with coding this scene where the CHAR is behind the overlay, but then she runs into a room and is in front of the overlay. But the CHAR doesn’t stay behind the overlay:

EXT. JUVIE OLIVER ROW HOME - NIGHT with GARAGECRED1 to 1.084 -172 -46 in zone 2 at layer -1
@cut to zone 2
@pause for 1
@/ADDISON moves to layer -2
@/ADDISON changes into spy2
@/ADDISON spot 0.838 35 297
@pause for 1
@/ADDISON moves to layer 2 AND ADDISON walks to spot 0.967 167 220 in 2 AND ADDISON does it while run_athletic
&ADDISON is talk_confused_mind_blown
You told me the coast was clear!

you need to move your character to the layer after the spot/placment

@/ADDISON spot 0.838 35 297 AND ADDISON moves to layer -2

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hi!! Could you help me and maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I’m getting an error.

move label clothes_choice1 before the dialogue “What should I wear today?”

Lol, I knew it…

I did, but now there’s an unexpected error saying this

Delete 109

Don’t leave the line


I’ve been reading a few stories where the author makes the character open and close their eyes. I probably make zero sense but I’m wondering how they do it. Like in Fine Line where Violet winked towards the camera. How do I do this. If it’s made with overlays what overlay do I upload and how do I use it?

hello! so im currently working on a story and I need them to change into their other outfits.

This is what I tried
@LEVI changes into LEVI_wedding
@LEVI enters from left to screen left

secondly can you please explain to me what zones are and what overlays are used for?

I would need to see it in order to know exactly what you’re talking about. You have a screenshot or video?

thank you!

Hi I was wondering how could I let readers customize a character that’s not named YOU and won’t change the colors that the character already had. As in eye color, skin color, hair color, ext? Or if theres a template that has this it would be really helpful.

Hi again lmao! I’m still with my first scene, and I’m trying to get the CHAR shooting another character and you can see the bullet going to the other character. I’m trying to fix it but the bullet doesn’t show

EXT. JUVIE OLIVER ROW HOME - NIGHT with JINXEPISODE5 to 0.863 90 40 at layer 1
@ADDISON spot 0.844 -38 244
@ADDISON changes into spy2
@pause for 1
@ADDISON faces right AND ADDISON walks to spot 0.826 148 240 AND ADDISON moves to layer 2 AND ADDISON does it while run_athletic
@ADDISON is punch_jab THEN ADDISON is punch_jab THEN ADDISON is stand_up THEN ADDISON is punch_jab THEN ADDISON is tinker_kneel_loop
@add Handgun to ADDISON
@ADDISON is stand_up THEN ADDISON is dustoff_loop
@pause for 1
@ADDISON is idle_wounded THEN ADDISON faces left
@zoom on 0 389 to 311% in 2
@overlay RUDE_15 create
@overlay RUDE_15 opacity 1 in 0
@ADDISON is shoot_loop
@overlay RUDE_15 shifts to 5 366
@overlay RUDE_15 scales to 0.041 0.41
@overlay RUDE_15 shifts to -33 368
@overlay RUDE_15 scales to 0.041 0.41

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Okay, so I want my character to move from one spot to another without walking, and I’m using the animation stepback_scared_loop (in LimeLight) but I don’t know how to make my character move without it looking like she’s walking and the animation disappearing.

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