Yay's Official Help Thread (CODING HELP, AND MORE!)


Hello. I kind of need help with the if/elif/else coding. I want to show the outcome of two chooses that my readers chose, and I don’t know how to do it. I know how to show the outcome of one choice, but I don’t know how to show the outcome of the second choice. Can you help me?


I have a question, can the “pan to zone #” go slower, 'cause they go too fast


@pan to zone # in S

@pan to zone 3 in 5

(Camera will move to zone 3 in 5 seconds)

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Thanksss so much, I rlly needed it <3


I’m facing a problem how can I make two people lay on the same bed
and I want to put the camera on them
So the background can’t shows
just the bed and them
How can I do that
please help me


How do you loop the opacity of a overlay?


You need to to the “infinite” command


i need help with like all of that please lol :wink:


Well that really depends what you want your character to do


well i’m kinda new so i’m still learning but the plot of my story is about a girl named camila and she and her gay best friend are dancers. they enter a contest for a lot of money and fall for the same guy and it tears their relationship apart


Nice plot you got there. But you’ll have to learn the basics of animating overlays and how to use them, Here is a guide about how to use overlays’, hope you figure it out :wink:


Okay! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Bumping this for you, O helpful one :smile: :jack_o_lantern:

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