Yet another futile search recc. stories


• FULL CC(skintone eyes hair color the whole thing)

• No…and I mean NO ART SCENES at all(I dont want a character who doesnt look like me interrupting the story flow)

• Choices (bonus of they matter/point system)

Other things im looking for
(but reccomend me things tht Absolutely have to fit the requirements above.)

• Fantasy(preferably a magical school or magical land)

• Mystery/thriller(small town secrets)


• No “strong independent or sassy” females who are aggressive and rude under the guise of “strong”

• No Golden generic love interest

• No sl*tty or party girl MCs(MCs who do/act as such) (who have one night stands and like 6 guys they lead on or sleep with/and dress in revealing clothing/who do nothing but party party and club)

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Maybe the power of music?

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Ill check it out ty

If you want that dont read the mainstream stories that are featured on the app. You would find more of what your looking for if you would go to the user stories because most of those fall in the categories you want.

I go there(dont read features anymore) and still not finding anything despite digging v.v was hoping ppl had hidden gems

Summer Fever by Lucky

Ace of Spades by CosmicIvy (aka me)

Sora by Chanel N

Ambivalence by Swiggles

The Stone Prince by Jess Fox

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if you want I can tag you on my reveal contest story when I publish. its a drama/fantasy.

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Pls do n.n

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hey guys! i’m looking for a story i read a while back ago. the story was based on a girl that got abused by her father and got saved by a gang/ mafia leader named ace. do any of you guys have a clue what this story was called?

There are literally a dozen stories that fit that description