Yet another quiz


I got Taylor to, like no hate to her or anything but I don’t really listen to her songs…

And she really ain’t my Type

But she still really talented an a good person Said (respectfully)

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I got Jimin (that’s BTS right? :skull:). I mean, he is incredibly handsome, I just don’t crush on him lol

Yeah he’s from BTS.I found that from the comment section down below.

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I got zendaya and it’s very true lol

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I got Jimin…
Idk who that is other than they are a kpop singer :joy: :sob:


I got Jimin :laughing:

You definitely have a crush on Jimin. You’re talented, and you have a natural ability to draw others to you.

I like Jimin tbh :flushed: :purple_heart:

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