Yet Another Writing Help Thread

Yes, this is probably the millionth writing help thread on the forums.
And no, I don’t care.

Are you new to donacode? Or just struggling with an error? Whatever your problem is, let me try and assist you!

I can help with:

  • Spot directing
  • Script templates
  • Some errors
  • Zooming
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
  • Warnings
  • Uploading custom backgrounds/overlays
  • Character design ideas
  • Adding diversity to stories
  • Outfit ideas

Don’t hesitate to comment if what you need isn’t on the list, I’m probably forgetting something else I can help with.
Feel free to P.M. me if you feel embarrassed by your issue. Although you really shouldn’t be because everybody has been in your position at one time or another. They won’t judge you, I promise. :blush:


Can you help me on how to remember choices/ to code advanced choices

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For remembering choices you can use gains like:


gain choice1


gain choice2


if (choice1){

Your script


if (choice2){

your script


There’s more about that in:

Hope I helped! :two_hearts:


Thank you!


Np :two_hearts:

Can you help me with outfit ideas…
Its in INK and is in the older times means ancient times…
Hope you could help…:blush::blush::blush:

Like royal outfits? :thinking:

Yeah something like that…
That victorian period dresses and suits not too fashionable for men and there were some vest and pants for men in the victorian period…

When I am struggling for outfit ideas I like to go to Google, or Bing, or whatever your search engine is, and look on images for what I would like. For you I would search up “ancient royal outfit”. Then, try to recreate the outfit with the available assets.
Sometimes it works better with some things than others. Eg, “girl rock outfit” was easier to recreate than “russian tsar clothes”.
Alternatively, you could just wait for S. Dsana’s help. :joy:

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So, you can’t help me…
I understand :blush::blush:

If I don’t have too many options I build my outfit around what I can find that matches the vibe so for royal dresses I pick a cute dress and add somethings that match it :two_hearts:

I actually have some outfits that I use in my story that match the vibe if you want me to send them to you…:two_hearts:


In the second pic the character blinked lol :joy:

Thank you…:blush::blush:

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Np :heart:

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How do you add the male tattoo for ink and where would I find it.

Ooooooooookay I’m really tired and I totally messed this comment up sooooo… just ignore it :flushed::confounded:

You can find it in the outfit creator.