Yet Another Writing Help Thread

I’m thinking about diversity in my story. The villain is Hispanic (NOT TO BE RACIST AT ALL), the MC is of Scottish heritage, and her family, too, but she’s white, there’s an Italian secret sibling, an Australian gay boy, a mixed party girl (lol), a tomboy, an Indian Earth Science teacher, a black principal, a Mexican mean girl, and a half-Asian, half-German criminal, and a lesbian. Is that diverse enough?

Maybe a bit too diverse…you don’t want to accidentally confuse your reader

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Tbh just reading your comment confused me lol

True. There are still some Caucasians to balance it out though. Plus I can relate to the diversity, too

does anybody know how to make the character run off or on set. And how the character how to do props

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER is run_jog
@CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER is run_athletic

(or other running animations)

For how to use Props and more click HERE

thank you, so much!

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I have a scene in one of my episodes where I have an elevator. I want the doors of the elevator to open up at the same time in opposite directions. For some reason both doors are moving in the same direction even when I changed the shifting of both of them. This is what I have:

INT. ORANGE ELEVATOR 2- DAY with ELEVATOR LEFT to 1.000 3 102 in zone 1 at layer 3 with ELEVATOR RIGHT to 1.000 171 102 in zone 1 at layer 3

@pause for a beat

@overlay ELEVATOR RIGHT shifts to 232 101 in zone 2 in 2

&overlay ELEVATOR LEFT shifts to -95 98 in zone 2 in 2

The command with the & sign needs to be before the command with the @ sign

How do you write in art scenes and art overlays that arent on the catalog?

When you go to the art catalog, go to either backgrounds or overlays, whichever you would like to use. To the left of the “filters” at the top (eg for backgrounds: interior,exterior,day,night) there is a drop-down box which has the options: “available for all stories” and “uploaded to your account”. Choose the option for your account and then you are able to upload and use your own overlays and backgrounds. Episode usually takes a few days to approve them. After uploading them, you can use the usual background and overlay commands to put them into your story :blush:

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In my story a girl was wearing an outfit during a day (episode1 was a day) the episode ends with sleeping in a pj so i let her change in a pj and no the whole story is in pj abd i can’t change her back because that will say that she needs to sleep in here clothes, because the scene end that she is laying in bed and then the episode stops. And i have created a new episode were i want that she wakes up.
How do i do this … really confussed.

Thank you so much

In the second episode, at the start just add “@character changes into outfit” like you would usually change an outfit. :grin:

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Hello, can you help me with a character already sitting at the beginning of a scene?
I have my MC’s love interest and his friends talking in the barbershop but I want to have someone in the barber seat in the background already. I hope this makes sense lol

@PERSON spot x y z
@PERSON is (sit animation)
@LOVEINTEREST spot x y z
@FRIEND spot x y z
@FRIEND2 spot x y z
(continue until all of the characters you want are in the scene )
(Then add speech after)
(I put ‘sit animation’ in brackets bc depending on which style you use it’s different names,or you might not want the ‘default’ one)

Hey, I was wondering how to have a character pacing back and forth? Thank you!

Thank you. The other thing I need help with is spot directing. I have read the guide but I still don’t get it. This is my first story and idk if I’m just anxious or what but I don’t really get it. (Pls. Don’t judge lol)

Hey! Just a quick question! So I saw on this thread a way to get everyone to sit down when the scene starts but is there a way to fade into that? Or when you first see the scene they are in their spots? On the thread if I type like
@person1 spot x y z
@person1 is sit

(repeat twice)

They show up one second after the other.
Is there a way to do it for all at the same time?
I know that might sound confusing but if you understood that I could use some help! Thanks :slight_smile:

&person1 spot x y z
@person1 is sit