Yo, who wants to be in my story?


Someday I will write a short story, and instead of making my own, I want TEN people to be in it. Comment down below if you want to be in my short story!
Btw, my name’s Dasha.
So, for the short story, it may not be published soon. But I want to know who wants to be in it, now, lol.

  • Dasha


Sure! Nine spots left.


I do! My profile says “Dasha.” It says that I’m gone for now, but I’m using Episode Forums a lot. I’m going to be back on Episode (technically) maybe in a week or two? I dunno, but…yeah. :slight_smile:


Yo! I don’t but, I thought the yo was funny. :rofl:


Lol, I can volunteer…cuz why not :laughing:


Do you need my character details tho, lol😂


I want to be!:raising_hand_woman:t4:‍♀


Cool, I volunteer as tribute!


Sure, I’ll do it.


@Estefi I’ll ask for the details later.


6 spots left!


Heya! Can I be in your story?


Sure! 5 spots left!


Sure I’ll volunteer, cause why the heck not?


Yay! 4 spots left!


Me if there’s any space left. :thinking:


@Eshaal You are in! 3 spots left! @KACY_Episode It’s a secret for now. :wink: And it’s okay if you have plans, we’ll just DM whenever we can.


I am in if you spots left


If you have spots left, I’m in. :slight_smile:


I am in, if possible.