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no problem, friend :slight_smile:

(I honestly would prefer something more simple for your first story, but whatever floats your boat, friend :slight_smile:)

This feels like a silly question, but I don’t know how to move my character up in regards to other characters? I can’t remember the name of it lol but like my characters are sitting on the couch and the guy is supposed to be sitting next to her but she looks like she’s sitting on his lap because her character is behind him. Do you know how to help?

so i asked earlier how to have two characters do different moves at the same time. and it worked no more error. but now i cant preview it to see how it looks. why??

What about my question ? :pensive:

you need an overlay, maybe ask in Art Resources :slight_smile: ?

do you have any errors?

use walk to spot command and use sit animation or rear animation? don’t forget to use layers :slight_smile:

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try maybe saving it and exiting out of the application then go back in. I had the same problem and when I did that it worked.

soo you can crop your own background or ask someone to make one for you.

just use a negative number

@CHARACTER spot -1.280 123 456

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Okay, thank u :slightly_smiling_face:

It says i have an error on my script but I don’t see anything wrong, can someone help?

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send a screenshot for me. I can help

okay, thank you!

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but click on the place where it says the error. then it will take you to where the error is if that helps a bit.

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delete spaces on line 133 and 143

thank you!!

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I am very new to coding/scripting and I’m not sure if I’m being completely dumb or if something is possibly bugged? I cannot, for the life of me, get my character to walk on the screen. I followed the tutorial exactly, but it isn’t working. My character hops on the screen for a split second then is gone. Please anyone know what’s going on??