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can you post your script?

try @CHARACTER walks to screen center and CHARACTER does it while (animation here without the brackets)

I’m having a problem of my own. How do you make characters do animations while there is a speech bubble on the screen?

I need help with how to put a character in front of another character?

I need help on how to put a character in front of another character?

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Hi, I have one problem I have an error:
Expected character or scene change. Found ANDREW … instead. Did you forget to capitalize the name, or close the () around the animation. What should I do?

welcome to the forums @ziga :slight_smile: can you post your script?

I have only first episode end. But not sure if it’s ok.

Just post this part where error comes up or take a screenshot :blush:

nu one answers me

You mean a dialogue animation? Or animation for other character when the other one is talking?

i mean have another background character do multiple things while the speech bubble is on the screen.

Just use & for background characters

&CHARACTER is animation

It won’t interrupt the dialogue

kewl, thanks Apes!

I’m confused. This is the code for my story but when I preview it, none of my characters show up.

@transition fade in black in 1
#beat ends
#beat starts
&LILY spot 0.285 50 0 in zone 3
&CLAIRE spot 0.285 150 0 in zone 3
@pan to zone 3

How do I look?
CLAIRE (admire)
&LILY starts primp

Try to change the size, they’re very small and most likely offscreen.

1.280 is a default one, yours is 0.285

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Hello, I have seen some stories in which they make the zoom go from one side to the other side with a type of movement without cutting the zoom to the end. Does anyone know how to do it?

Hi, can you help me with putting characters behind and in front of overlays? i’m literally so confused!