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Can anyone cut out the white parts?

To make an overlay, that’s over in the Art Resources area. They can cut it out.

Where can i find art resources area?

Okey. I’m a beginner on the coding stuff. -_- haven’t done so much of it.

people can help you with that like writing partners.

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That’s okay I already found it!

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kewl beans dude! have fun writing your story

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Okey :slight_smile: Where Can i find it?

here’s a link:

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or you can also do script templates.

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Ok, What’s that?

It helps you with some spot directing. There are some people that are awesome at script templates.

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Aha okey Thats awesome! :smiley: Thanks!

I don’t know how to make my characters hug, I tried a tutorial and it just made it look like they were hugging two completely different things. Please help, Im a starter writer and Im very confused.

no problem episode fwend :slight_smile:

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@CHARACTER 1 spot 1.182 220 0 and CHARACTER 1 faces right and CHARACTER 1moves to layer 1
@CHARACTER 2 1.280 200 100 and CHARACTER 2 faces right and CHARACTER 2moves to layer 2
@CHARACTER 1 spot 1.182 156 -9
@CHARACTER 2 spot 1.280 195 -29

@CHARACTER 1 starts hug_neutral
@ CHARACTER 2 hug_neutral_loop_rear

Yay! we’ve reached the 100 replies mark!!

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