You can copy your story?

Look at this:

What is this?! And…what’s a story group??? adding a writer? Via email??? EPISODE, ARE YOU WORKING ON THIS?! ADMIN OPTIONS?! ARTISTS?! THE FLUFF?! OH MY GOSH!!! Ok, ok, ok, so i was trying to use episode on my phone, and apparently the phone’s browser (puffin browser) glitches out and mostly is showing me the full but flawed coding of the website on episode (Google’s update has made it more usable) and now i think i am seeing coding that was never showed to us, before! I DON’T EVEN WANT MY PHONE TO GET FIXED AND GOOGLE HAS IT WORKING JUST FINE, OH MY GOSH!

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What is it @Trying_To_Help

Then… it fixed itself…? I reloaded several times and it would NOT work!

that was the result. O.O

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