You can get the Forums app! Easier access!


Hi! I made this topic inspired by @Episode.Cameronwrite and @BlueMoonWolf…don’t ask me why I made another one…

If you want to have easier access to the forums, follow these exact steps!

  1. Choose a category that you’ll always land on when you click on the app. I chose the “Categories” button…

  2. Click the share button. If you have iPhone, it’ll be at the bottom if you scroll all the way up, on IPad it’ll be at the top.

  3. Swipe to the right on the share button.

  4. Click on “Add to home screen”. Once you click on it, this will happen.

  5. Click on “Add” without doing anything else.

  6. After you click on “Add”, you will be brought to home screen and there! You have your app.



Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original topic.