You can only pick one thing... What would you choose?

1.) A delete button for stories
2.) New clothes for ink
3.) You can add your own music/sounds to your story
4.) You can upload your own props
5.) You get 100 gems
6.) You get 100 passes
7.) New backgrounds on the Episode Writer Portal

I‘d pick number three because sometimes I needed a sound that wasn‘t on the Episode Writer Portal and I also think that it would make a story more unique without these overused music. : )

Let me know if you know any other things that I can add to my list.


new clothes for ink.

1 we have actually just got the abilty to hide them. which is like a delete button
3. wont happen people will try add copyrighted stuff which will get the app in much trouble
4: right now i would just be happy if they added the hidden onces
5: that is actually not worth that much
6;see above
7:we can upload our own so why would you pick this


#3 for me although it might be copyrighted

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Referring to number 3: We can let Episode review the music at first and we also have to provide the title of the song so Episode can check if it‘s copyrighted or if it‘s free to use

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I choose number 1. I have so many drafts that I don’t want in my library, either because there are too many or I don’t have the motivation to continue them, and I can’t eliminate them. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Ahh… I don’t know… let’s see…

I want to pick three but if it was to everyone I would not pick that because sex sounds but if it was just me, I’d upload weird stuff but not like inapropro stuff.

Also, 100 gems would probably last 4-5 choices. If it was unlimited… maybe…


7 no choice. :woman_shrugging:

if you go in under Account Settings. and click Story Settings. you can now hide your stories. so they wont show up unleash remove them from been hidden. including published stories

The competition is over! This one.

Tempting. Second place.


Third place.

Sounds really complicated, but fourth place.

Copyright issues ahead!

Meh. I never use gems. And I like the idea of passes… but I hardly ever find something worth binge-reading, soooo… meh.

P.D: I would sell my soul if I could have the Old Spotlight back though. I discovered it recently… and I really want to write in that style. Unfortunately, it is gone. Gone like my sanity.

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Oh, holy shit! What a time to be alive. Thnx :heart:

1 too many stories taken up space but I would absolutely love create my own clothes for characters.


I’d probably choose #4. Having to use overlays as props and then animate them like props is a pain in the butt lol


Unlimited passes best way to go gems are pretty useless

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New clothes for INK duh! :rofl:


6, thank you very much. Tbh, I rarely even use gems at this point anymore. :joy:

  1. So I can delete all unwanted stories I have started