You can use easing on zooms?!

Umm so I was messing around on the portal and I know you can use easing functions to animate overlays and stuff but… YOU CAN USE THEM FOR ZOOMING TOO??? Excuse me if this was already well known but it’s new to me and it’s frickin cool… again sorry if I’m just being dumb because I didn’t know this but I’m going to go abuse my new knowledge.

It gives a reaaallly cool effect and all you have to do is add using easein (or whatever ease function you want to use) to the end of the zoom and make sure it isn’t in 0.
I’m going to go scream now.


lmao I might use that too. I didn’t know about it before either

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i didnt know this, thank you for sharing!

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what are easings lol?

I talk about them here: HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :rose:

They give a cool effect to your overlay.

Yes, it is awesome :wink: :revolving_hearts:

wait I don’t get lol

Wait, I did not know that

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