You can use the episode app on a MacBook now!

You can use the episode app on a MacBook now! Did you know that?

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O would love if it was on all pcs tbh.


Wait, really? I though the app is only available on Phones, tablets and Ipads.

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It’s available on the Macbook app store!

Ooh, cool! Can you show a screenshot of how it looks? I’m curious. :eyes:

I found out about this feature a few days ago!

Whoa, cool! I’m not using a MacBook so I wish this feature was available for all. Still really happy for all the MacBook users! :heart: This would come in handy!

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Yah! I hope it comes soon for the other users!


I just noticed this in the screenshot you posted. What’s that? :face_with_monocle:

Those are shards and if you have 440 shards you can trade the 440 shards for 4 diamonds!

Wait, that’s a thing? I’ve seen people mention shards before but I thought they meant diamonds. I’ve never seen that before. Is it just an apple thing?

It shows me this!

Ooh, interesting. I’ve never seen it on my device before, this is the first time I’m seeing this.

I use episode on my iPad as well as my iPhone and I can see this feature on my iPad and iPhone.

Hmm, it must be an apple feature, I guess? Or maybe my device just isn’t updated. :joy:


no i am android user and i have this too

Well, then I’ll have to update the app on my device. :joy:

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They randomly give you the shard option, mine turned up a month ago.