You choose, I write! Intro

Hello amazing Episode community!

Together with some friends on reddit I decided to set out and write the first community generated story! Hopefully, together, we will craft an amazing story. I will add a new poll every day or so, and hopefully as much people as possible will help shape this story.

Is this the right place to post this topic?


Maybe a fantasy or drama. Be inclusive everyone is different

While Reddit isn’t a bad place to start, it’d also be cool to get responses from the forums and maybe even Instagram? I feel like you’d get more varied answers, but it’d also help you build hype for the story. If needed, you guys could set up a Google Form to make things easier. : )


That sounds like a great idea, is there a way to add the the google form to my topic here?

You’d add a link when writing the topic. It’d look something like this…

Here’s the link to the Google Form:
(* Link goes here! *)

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I did it! Just added a new topic with the first poll! Would appreciate any help with getting as much traction as possible! :star_struck::star_struck:

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I responded to the form. I hope you’ll get lots of responses to work with! : )

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