😂 you guessed it still bored but I have a great topic. Y’all fav snacks!


I know I know…this is crazy. I’ve made too much, but here’s the thing let’s talk about our favorite snacks. Honestly all over the world and just compare the great thing know as snacks. Like some of y’all know I love Rap Snacks!!! Hfidhs like I’m addicted enjoy!


Hmmm Gummy worms i loveeeee :upside_down_face:


Mmmmmm I haven’t had those in forever.


What are rap snacks?


Hdjshsiwgwjwbd THE BEST CHIPS EVER!!!

I would do anything for these chips.


Nutella with ritz crackers.


I’ve never seen those at stores before


Chicken; fried chicken, crumbed chicken, roasted chicken, chicken stew, chicken filets, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders

Hate eggs tho, I’m allergic


They’re not in main stores.


My brother is allergic as well to eggs.


Where do you get them?


I get them from this shady corner store near me or like in the hood.


Oh hmmm I’ve never seen them at corner stores


Hmmmmmmm I honestly have no idea where else to find them


Maybe it’s just in certain states


True hmmm they’re some great chips.


Maybe i can get them online lol


Yassssss search them you’ll never try anything as great as those.


Haha my standards are high for these


Great! They won’t disappoint