You Guys' Art Is Amazing!



Hello, Everyone! I’m Briar Rose and I came here to tell you that you all have something unique in your art that is special and have no one compared to! Your art has impressed the whole group and we’d love to work with you in the future! We would love for you to join our group, Episode Helpers as you particularly caught our attention. Just think about it and tell me what you think.

Vice president of Episode Helpers,
Briar Rose


Although this is very flattering and complimentary… I never requested to join your group? :confused:


Really? I’m sorry… Gotta check again…


No worries :slight_smile: Groups just aren’t my thing.


Neither did @Episode.Chloexo
She’s in a group already.


Sorry, everyone! It was wrong! Corrected it now!


I’m in penroyalty but the offer is lovely


It’s fine!


This really means a lot but I can’t join your group. I’m on a fast tracked nursing program. I just get to be on here for a couple hrs once a week until its over, but thank you.


What exactly do you guys do? :thinking:


Tbh, I dont remember requesting to be in this group but I remember someone offering me to join this group. Am I in this group already, just wondering? Btw, Ill take some time making decision if you dont mind, it means a lot! :heartbeat: Thanks!


Ahh, thank you so much for tagging me but I’m just a tad bit too busy at the moment as well as the fact that I don’t think I’ll be able to be committed to an art group right now, sorry! Thanks anyway :heart:


Seems like no one you tagged actually requested to be in your group… Just wondering, did you just see some people’s art work and this was like an offer to all of these people?


I don’t remember asking or requesting to join your group but nevermind as…
I am already in another groups,
So sorry I can’t join…


Yes, your art really impressed us and we were hoping if you could join our group.


To be honest, everything! :joy: You could take a look at my art story thread. It have all my work…


Okay, I wasn’t tagged I simply saw this post lol it was just all the comments but nice idea I guess


Would you like to join, then?



Could I get more details?


What do you mean? :slightly_smiling_face: