You Have Been Playing a Newer Version of Episode or One of Its Stories

So I updated episode like 4 days ago, & I’ve been trying to open it but all it says is, “You have been playing a newer version of episode or one of it’s stories. Upgrade to continue playing on this device” with options, Close App or Upgrade. I checked for updates in the store but there is none and like I said I recently updated it. What am I supposed to do?

Did you try redownloading the app? You should probably submit a support ticket

Yes I did, its of no use. Its still saying the same thing. I’m sorry I’m new here, can you help me with how to submit a support ticket?

Episodes Instagram has a link to a support ticket. All you need to do is fill out the forum and submit it, when you do so it will send you back a message saying it was accepted.

I am not able to upgrade episode since it’s showing I have already upgraded in playstore.It has been not working since 4 days

Alright thanks:)