You Just Got Roasted (Game)

So basically you roast people for the silliest reasons, and then like other people’s roasts and the person who gets the most likes before a staff posts wins start off by roasting me. (Just make sure what is said in this thread is not racist, sexist, inappropriate, or offensive to certain groups)

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How pathetically masochistic do you have to be to make a thread asking for roasts?


No one knows what that means Dork so go on and live in your little dork universe doing dorky things

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Are you even literate, you fool? The only insult you know seems to be ‘dork’, you fool.


LET ME THINK OF ONE :slight_smile:

Your like my toast.
You pop up and i get annoyed.

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Mm well you know how I’m not like your toast? I didn’t get burned by you. :laughing:


lol good one

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I know I’m horrible at roasts

But you’re worse

(I can’t roast so please ignore me but I came to post that I will now stalk this thread)

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@Fluffy_kittens, someone made a post stating only that they were there to stalk this thread, and all you managed to come up with was “Huh???”
Is your vocabulary so small that you had to use three question marks to express yourself?


I was using words that not even my teacher didn’t understand in kindergarten I just choose not to use them because of the simple fact that I’m lazy

Apparently Fluffy_kittens is too busy defending himself to roast me back.

We need some new life here.

Uh… Crickets are nasty creatures. Just like you. OH YEAH GET WRECKED!

I am so sorry.

I would roast you kitten, but I was first distracted by a far superior puppy, then I realised that by roasting you I’d be wasting my talents of sarcasm and wit, that only brits can ever create, as we all know I am far superior to you, just like that puppy.

How was that? I do good?


You may have that sarcasm, but I could never talk to you in real life because of that annoying British accent. It just grates on my ears until I want to scream. So good thing you didn’t roast me.


Great! Though now I must shun you for loving puppies. Also, British accents are cool.

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Oh, yes, I fully understand. It must be difficult hearing someone correctly articulate the language when you are so used to hearing the screwed up alternative. But, I suppose my accent wouldn’t bother you so much. You would hardly hear it over all those gun-shooting cowboys.

Mate, you can’t shun me. We got like 9 dogs in the family. Also, thank you!
No hard feelings. Just a friendly roast. XD

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If there were any gun-shooting cowboys. I don’t even own a pair of cowboy boots. You shouldn’t use the completely incorrect Texas stereotype to assume everyone in Texas owns a gun and runs around in a cowboy town having gunfights. Isn’t it you who gives all that advice on how not to make a stereotypical character?

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(Okay, last one, XD)

On the contrary, a stereotype is born first of truth, and is developed overtime to better predict a person before meeting them. However, to counter your point, why would you accuse me of using a stereotype when you yourself assumed I speak with a ‘british’ accent. For all you I know I could speak welsh, or scottish, or Brummie, or even cockney. I think there’s a phrase, ‘pot calling the kettle black’.

Yup. Ty, Jaz, Oscar, Milo, Buddy, Holly, Max, Meg and one other I can’t remember the name of. It’s like ‘brutus’ or ‘maximus’ or something stupid.
Also, hehe

You’re such a nerd. What kind of dork has so much time on their hands they can define stereotypes for the sake of a roast? Have you ever considered investing in a set of friends? For you, they’d be expensive to find, very, VERY expensive, but perhaps a better use of your time than nerding about.

That probably sucked sORRY LMAO

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