You Just Got Roasted (Game)

If I wanted to see a terrible attempt at a roast, I’d have gone to a neighborhood block party.

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So if I typed up ‘idiot’ into google would your picture come up?

I tried DuckDuckGo, but all I got was a picture of you.

Ding! Was that the sound of the elevator? Because, you’re not on my level!

You’re right! I’m not on the basement level, but you can find me up in the penthouse suite.

Oh, honey! You’re only in the penthouse suite? Because if you knew, I’m straight from Queen Victoria’s throne!

No wonder you roast like a grandma! You’re from the 19 century!

See? Straight from the 19th century and still so fairly young, inside and out. Unlike you who get memory and backbone problems just in teenage years.

Lemme sit my butt down because…


You can probably tell that I have a very serious GIF issue.



You come to the Roasting Thread, and all you can do is spam some GIFs?
Go back to the Meme Thread, kid.

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Where’s that? Is there seriously one of those? Could you please send me to it or is your sense of direction as bad as your sense of identification? I sent GIFs, not memes. Two totally different things.

Let me take a moment to educate since I’m so kind:

Have a nice day.

  1. Learn how this game works before you try to play it sweetie. None of the people you tagged are @christinadawnstories, the person you were SUPPOSED to roast. Perhaps if you had an ounce of competence, you’d be able to do this right.

  2. Perhaps try for a sensible roast next time? By definition, a hoe is a garden tool :tipping_hand_woman: .

My mother’s dead, sooooo…

Did you make her happy, Im sorry. I wanst trying to be mean.

You weren’t trying to be mean?
I’m assuming you were just trying to brighten our days with kittens and rainbows and fluffy unicorns, eh?
You’re saying you simply misunderstood the purpose of this thread.
You expect us to believe your lame excuse of being unable to understand the intent of this thread and the language of the original post, eh?

cough @Ryan or @Jeremy cough cough

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Closing this thread. While I realize its intent is humorous, it nevertheless invites interaction that violates our guidelines:

If anyone has any questions or comments they can feel free to PM myself or @Jeremy. Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile: