You know what would really help and should be added to the writing portal

If we could also edit the script name. Like I just made three characters and put 1,2,3 by there names as they are just cops and I didn’t know it would make my script error out if I spotted them with them having numbers by there names. So now I have to go back delete all 3 and remake them with new names just because the script name needs to be changed. It would be so much easier if they allowed us to edit that.
Also I don’t think this is in the right spot sorry wasn’t too sure where to put it.

Hmmm…that would be interesting, but I believe there is a reason for that.

Also are you sure the numbers were the problem? Just because I have characters with numbers :slightly_smiling_face:

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There must have been another reason for the error you were getting. Having numbers in script names is perfectly fine.

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I told the spot directing numbers on and just had COP 2 stands back left and there was not problem. But everything time I put the numbers in for spotting I got an error and old with the cops not my character Wyatt and I spotted him also. Once I made all new all new cops I named them COP A COP B and so on and no error.
@black_jack & @Dara.Amarie

Sadly I can’t exactly find any mistake without the script, but maybe it’s possible you might’ve missed a number? Or something…?

Yeah I have no idea, sorry.

INT. POLICE STATION 2 - DAY with DESK POLICE to 1.000 49 87
&cut to zone 1
@overlay DESK POLICE moves to layer 1
@add Sheet Paper White to COP 1
&COP 1 0.597 241 283 AND COP 1 faces right AND COP 1 is read_paper_neutral AND COP 1 moves to layer -1
&COP 2 stands back left AND COP 2 faces right AND COP 2 moves to layer 2 AND COP 2 is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
&COP 3 stands back left AND COP 3 faces left AND COP 3 moves to layer 2 AND COP 3 is think_rubchin

Thats what I had all I did was leave them there and made new cops then retyped only the names to COP A COP B COP C and it worked just fine.

You were missing the word “spot”

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Oop, looks like Dara helped you out before me XD

Good luck with your story!

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