💡 You know what's annoying? Overlay/BG in review Error!

Does this bug anyone else?? I know it certainly does me! Soo, I upload some of my own Overlays/Backgrounds that I want to use for my story… and though it takes a few days for REVIEW by Episode Team. Every time I save the story, an ERROR will pop up saying that even though my overlay/bg is in Review, I can still use it in my story but can’t publish unless #EpisodeTeam approves. What bugs me is that this ERROR pops up every single damn time I save. Thank you, #EpisodeTeam, buuuutttt I know! Does anyone know if this ERROR goes away eventually?! Because if not, I think this should change… :blush:


Yeah it never goes away until your background is approved :sweat_smile: very annoying

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I hate it, because it’s like yes, I get it, I know! But can you show me my real errors so I can fix them instead?


It only goes away when they have previewed it. So please let one of the moderators know that you have submitted your overlay and it’s not getting previewed.

I can’t stand this error!! It’s not even a real “error”, since it will sort itself out once the image has been approved.

It’s fine that it shows up, but I kind of wish it wasn’t in the error section. Maybe make it solid blue instead of red, and show up in a box BENEATH the error box? It just stresses me out, lol.


Ooooh I know, right?!!

I mean once the image gets approved, but while it’s in Review, you just want to continue writing but it gives you the Error every single, damn time you save the script. And you know it’s not even a real Error… It’s like, “Okay, I get it, thank you but go away!” So, Yeah, to write the story without that Error getting in the way, you’ll have to wait until the images get approved. It’s just a little annoying…

Oh, I found this so annoying too! They should really get rid of it somehow :thinking:

I’m missing real errors because of it :weary: sometimes I just stare on the screen and think what I did wrong :expressionless: then I notice another error under this one. :weary:

This should be done differently :thinking: