💡 You know what's annoying? Overlay/BG in review Error!


Does this bug anyone else?? I know it certainly does me! Soo, I upload some of my own Overlays/Backgrounds that I want to use for my story… and though it takes a few days for REVIEW by Episode Team. Every time I save the story, an ERROR will pop up saying that even though my overlay/bg is in Review, I can still use it in my story but can’t publish unless #EpisodeTeam approves. What bugs me is that this ERROR pops up every single damn time I save. Thank you, #EpisodeTeam, buuuutttt I know! Does anyone know if this ERROR goes away eventually?! Because if not, I think this should change… :blush:


Yeah it never goes away until your background is approved :sweat_smile: very annoying


I hate it, because it’s like yes, I get it, I know! But can you show me my real errors so I can fix them instead?